Eerie Coincidences


Remember those eerie coincidences that happen between famous people. You know, like Abraham Lincoln had a gardener named Nixon and Richard Nixon had a plumber named Haldeman? And, Marilyn Monroe liked to spend time with Jack Kennedy while Jackie Kennedy liked to go to Maryland?

Even stranger coincidences than these occur between people who are not so famous. Just look at the following table:

William Jennings Bryan

Jim Kramer DVM, CVPM

William Jennings Bryan ran for president 3 times but was never elected. Dr. Jim Kramer was never elected president either.
William Jennings Bryan has a hospital named after him: Bryan LGH Medical Center. Dr. Jim Kramer also has a hospital named after him: Columbus Animal Hospital.
William Jennings Bryan is reported to have given one of his most famous speeches while standing in a manure spreader. Dr. Jim Kramer has yet to give one of his most famous speeches.
William Jennings Bryan had a reputation for thinking on his feet.  ummm…………..
William Jennings Bryan is one of the greatest Nebraskans that ever lived.   ummm…………..
William Jennings Bryan is one of the finest orators of all time, known for poise, eloquence, and Shakespearean delivery. Dr. Jim Kramer plays the harmonica.
William Jennings Bryan writes his own material. Dr. Jim Kramer get his materials from great thinkers like William Jennings Bryan.

William Jennings Bryan was a man of tremendous faith and passion. He had a love of language, freedom and common folk. He also had a great love for Nebraska.

If Mark Twain invented stand up comedy then perhaps William Jennings Bryan invented professional speaking. A lawyer by training, he only practiced law until his first election to congress in 1890. He was re-elected in 1892.

Mr. Bryan was the democratic nominee for President on three occasions, 1896, 1900, and 1908; losing to McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, and Taft.  While he was a very prominent public figure of his time, he never held high office except for four years as a congressman from Nebraska and a two-year stint as Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson. He resigned thinking that he had a better alternative rather than to involve America in the impending war.

He made his living speaking. He was a popular and regular feature on the Chautauqua circuit for many seasons. As professional speakers tend to have newsletters yet today, in 1901 he started writing and self-publishing his own newspaper of political commentary called the Commoner. Subscriptions sold for $1 each and he collected $17,000 worth before his first issue. That may be where Mark Victor Hansen got the idea.

It is unfortunate that his public legacy is largely shaped by his role in the famous Scopes Trial, also referred to as the Monkey Trials. The trial is depicted in the play “Inherit The Wind”. He did participate in the trial arguing against the teaching of evolution in public schools. He died five days after the trials conclusion on July 26, 1925.

After living in Nebraska for many years, he and his wife Mary Baird Bryan retired to Florida in 1922. While there he began to teach an adult Sunday School class at his church. The class became so popular that it was moved outside. As many as 5,000 people would strain their ears on any given Sunday to hear the wisdom, faith and marvelous oratory of one of the greatest speakers and keepers of the faith of all time, William Jennings Bryan

An orator is a man who says what he thinks and feels what he says.
William Jennings Bryan

Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
William Jennings Bryan

No one can earn a million dollars honestly.
William Jennings Bryan


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Veterinary School Commencement

I want to thank you for the participating in the Commencement Ceremonies for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University. We were absolutely right on in our decision to ask you to present the commencement address. It was obvious that you took our request very seriously. The address had an incredible blend of humor and excellent advice for our graduates. As President Jischke noted when he began his remarks, it was all an anticlimax after your presentation! You could sense from the incredible audience response as well that your message was very well received.

Jim, you are an outstanding graduate of our college. We are very, very proud of you. I look forward to hearing your presentation at the AVMA meeting in Salt Lake City.

Sincerely,  Richard F. Ross-
Veterinary College Dean

Blue Valley Community Action

We, on the All-Staff committee at Blue Valley, would like to extend our thanks for the wonderful presentation you provided for us. We have heard much positive feedback about your presentation, its content,  humor and music. The group enjoyed themselves and were given much to think about at the same time. You interacted quite comfortably with our group and they. inn turn, felt comfortable  with you.

We appreciate your special  brand of humor, and your insights! Thank you for sharing these qualities with us at All-Staff. Best wishes to you on future endeavors.

Paula Robbins


 Dr. Kramer has dedicated his life to his profession, and helping others.  His "free time" away from practice is spent on association duties, community, church, and family.  And as Dwight put it Dr. Kramer does everything with passion and first-rate quality. The book "A Gift from Rex" is no exception, it is very well written, and shares a vast amount of wisdom on life and loss, in a short easy to read format.

Curtis Stutheit

American Animal Hospital Association Market Link

PVPL - Professional Veterinary Products Shareholder Report

If children grew up knowing life was precious, what would our world be like?" Dr. Jim Kramer posed this question to the Product Service and Sales Dept. during a visit to promote his book, A Gift From Rex. His goal is to elevate communications with clients. "Veterinarians need to look at everything that will improve the person's relationship with the animal." said the shareholder from the Columbus, NE Animal Hospital. The book takes a provocative approach to loss and is intended to help parents begin discussions on life's lessons-such as happiness and loss-with their children. 

Iowa Veterinary Medical Association

You were a great Banquet speaker. That word is often over used but not in the style and circumstances you handled on Sept. 20th. It was still an emotional  time for many of us. You brought humor, insight, empathy, and the sense of life's preciousness to the night.

Thanks also for your Wednesday evening program at the VVAP Dinner at Reiman Garden. You're Veterinary Blues was original and clever.

Dave Furneaux


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