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Why the Rich and Famous Wish They Were You.
What do you have that rock stars, TV personalities and globe-trotting billionaires can only wish for?  While you won't learn the meaning of life, the universe and everything, you will learn the secret to real power, success and happiness along the way

Survival: Animal Instinct Meets Human Desire.
Animals gain power and control in their lives by adapting to their environment. Humans would rather the environment do the adapting. You can become more effective, healthier, and happier by getting in touch with the animal inside of you!

Good Humor Good Business or How to Harness Humor.
Whether you're naturally funny or a humorless human likeness carved out of Colby cheese you can improve client relations, staff morale and your relationship with your significant other (i.e., your computer, answering service, or pizza delivery guy) using good humor.

Tripping Over the Answers – What Animals Teach Us About Life.
Animals have much to teach us about life, and how to live it more effectively, including: Posturing and Power Plays, Boundary Issues, Giving and Receiving Love, Creative Play, Living in the Moment, Living In Your Body, Tolerance, Focus, and Facing Loss and Disappointment.

Through the Looking Glass Darkly.
Personal leadership is one of the most powerful forces on earth. "If only my staff would support my point of view and echo my attitudes." "If only my clients would accept my recommendations." How to empower your staff and attract the clientele you want to work with.

She's No Colleague, She's my Wife.
What happens when the human animal bond extends to people? Especially people of a different gender. A lively discussion of gender issues.

Turn your biggest failure into your greatest success.
There is terrific power in failure. Failure and negative energy become self-sustaining and take on a life of their own. When mistakes are made egos collide, employees rebel, and people suffer. Practical ways to turn negative situations into rewarding experiences both emotionally and financially.

Farm is Four Letter Word.
Throughout history those who work in agriculture have relied on a sense of humor for survival. It's the only thing they can count on for sure. A humorous and thought provoking discussion of agriculture: past and present.

Howling at the Moon, Laughing at Death.
Animals laugh at death in many ways. Let's take what we learn form animals and human animal interactions to provide a theoretical framework for coping with life and loss.

It's Not the Money.
People will often tell you that their reason for making a certain choice is the money. That is almost never true.  How to collect money, deal with difficult clients, and defuse bad situations. An interactive session with role playing, fun and lots of helpful techniques.

Removing the Crust.
All of us started life as children. Somewhere along the way we lost the wonder and the magic. Somewhere deep inside, under layers of crust, that child still exists. Find out how to rediscover the child inside of you and the impact it could make, not only on your life but also on the lives you touch.

Doing Well By Doing Good.
Afraid to get locked in a room with a wailing client? When a pet dies, 15% of pet owners do not get another due to the pain of the experience. There is no greater opportunity for veterinarians to bond with their clients than during a time of high emotion. Practical ways to build your practice by doing the right thing.

Customized Presentations.
Presentations written from surveys or materials provided by client including newsletters, trade publications, company literature, etc.


Governor of Nebraska

Dear Dr. Kramer,

Thank you for speaking at the E-commerce and Business Development workshop on August 29th. E-commerce is important to the future of Nebraska businesses and the economic vitality of the state.  The workshop helped business people become more aware of the opportunities the e-commerce offers to small businesses and the resources available for learning more about e-commerce.

The knowledge and experience you shared about your Internet ventures contributed to the success of the workshop.

Thank you again for helping to make the workshop a success.


Mike Johanns
Governor of Nebraska

Husker Harvest Days Attendee

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to thank Nebraska Farmer magazine for inviting Dr Jim Kramer to speak at the Husker Harvest Days Farm Show.

I attended Husker harvest days on September 10, and was able to attend Dr. Kramer’s afternoon speech “Farm is a Four Letter Word” and found his delivery to be excellent.

Although I had never seen or heard him before, his reputation preceded him as I had heard of his unique mix of humor and topic along with his musical skills on guitar and harmonica.

During his harmonica solo he was unique in finding notes that I not only didn’t expect, but never thought possible. I sat in awe. Dr. Kramer is definitely a true harmonica virtuoso and I enjoyed meeting him in person.

I will be looking forward to next years Husker Harvest Days and the return trip to hear Dr. Kramer again.

Thanks again,

Jack Schwank

Central Veterinary Conference, Kansas City, MO

They loved you,

Michelle Straus
Assistant Convention Manager

I enjoyed your presentation and heard many good comments from others.

Marnette Falley
Editor, Veterinary Economics

Central Veterinary Conference Attendees

Excellent practice management and behavior lectures,

Dr Kramer very good in management issues.

Program well executed.

Tremendous Kudo’s to Dr. Kramer.

Women’s Conference

Thanks for this perspective – it’s really mind opening. There is such passion in your eyes when you talk that you actually glow. It just comes right up and out. The fact that you love to do this shows! Even though I am not a real animal lover I could still really relate to what you had to say.

Ann Hamer


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All fees are quoted plus expenses. Mileage to and from the event or Nebraska airport will be charged at .35/mile. Full coach airfare will be booked by the speaker. Meals are appreciated, deposits not required, satisfaction is guaranteed.

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