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Customized presentations written from materials provided by client including newsletters, trade publications, company literature, etc.

Speaking style doesn't come from a press kit, it comes from the kind of person you are. Dr. Kramer has developed a unique style that flows from deep inside. Starting somewhere near his heart, it bubbles through assorted organs, is churned with light hearted energy, and eventually spews all over.

Life is tough, never fair and can feel overwhelming. Even important, provocative, and necessary meetings can sometime seem long and painful. Not exactly breaking news? Relevant Humor can be powerful and creates intimacy between attendees and the speaker. Dr. Kramer creates that bond with his audience. When your group laugh's at their frustrations it minimizes their problems.

Dr. Kramer's presentations often feature original poems, songs, and humor (in addition to the poems, songs, and humor he has blatantly stolen from others far more talented than himself). Hear the "Lonesome Train Whistle Blues", "Don't Get No Better Than This", "Ode to the IRS' "Gee, It's Been a Great Year", "Blue Over Moo', "Another Day Gone', or a song written just for your group.

If your event includes an auction hear the "Call of Wild'. Auction call that is. Dr. Kramer perfected the art of auctioning in mid-western livestock pavilions. You can participate in a live auction without the usual difficulty of swatting flies and watching where you step. Feel the spray from a live auctioneer. Before you know it you'll be wiping your own chin!


National Association for Family and Community Education

Dr. Kramer, 

Thank you! What an insight you offered attendees at the Annual Conference for the National Association for Family and Community Education on July 21st. Your presentation on recognizing that problems are related to losses made a very real impact.

The audience loved the humor, music, and quick wit as you interacted with them, giving a break to the seriousness of the topic.  People very much appreciated the opportunity to continue this discussion as well as hear your additional information on “What Animals Teach US About Life” in the breakout session. Thank you for providing a stimulating discussion for everyone.

We especially appreciate your flexibility in changing the time and audience for one presentation to the earlier session.

We enjoyed meeting you personally after so many e-mails, letters and faxes. It has been some time since I initially head you speak. We were pleased the connection finally has worked out and you were able to bring these important concepts to the Annual Conference for FCE.


Harriet Steenson, President
National Association for Family and Community Education
- Florence Kentucky

Multi-State Farm Show

Dear Dr. Kramer,

Thanks you so much for being part of our program in the Farm & Fireside Tent at Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Nebraska. Both of your talks were well received and were appropriate for our audience.  You developed a nice rapport with attendees and id a good job of meshing your musical ability in with your presentations.

I appreciate your professionalism and your willingness to adapt to what can be less-than-ideal conditions. Anytime you’re involved with an outdoor farm show, weather can become a huge factor.

I enjoyed working with you, and wish you the best as you continue in your career as a professional speaker. 


JoAnn M. Alumbaugh
Executive Editor



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