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1. I notice people around me often react:

By smiling warmly
By being sarcastic and even hurtful
They are too involved in their own lives to notice me

2. If I was late for an appointment and realized I had the wrong stuff with me, I would:

Laugh at the irony of life
Feel angry and sad
Try to figure out whom to blame for the mix-up

3. If I came down with a bad cold I would:

Make sure everybody around me knew how bad I felt
Say, " Why does this always happen to me"
Work on taking better care of myself

4. In the last conversation I had with a friend:

I did most of the talking
I did most of the listening
I don't remember the last time I really talked to a friend

5. The last time I locked my keys in the car I:

Yelled and screamed and stomped my feet
Silently boiled and couldn't forgive myself
Chuckled as I opened the door with a spare key

6. The last time I felt wronged by another person I:

Lashed at them in furry
Rolled into a ball at home and slept a lot
Explained my point of view calmly and strongly

7. I find myself feeling very angry when:

My pen leaks on my hand
I hear bad news from a loved one
I fail to keep an appointment

8. I would describe my demeanor as:

Happy and hopeful
Sad and empty
Stressed and anxious

9. When I walk into a room people usually:

Make a point to say, " Good morning."
Deliberately turn away and act busy
No one seems to notice



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Your presentation at our Joint Convention Luncheon was tremendous. I've had many positive comments on how much our members enjoyed -your speech.

You obviously spent many hours researching and preparing for this, event and it showed. To take something so boring and ordinary as our specifications and environmental regulations and insert just the right amount of humor requires a special skill.

We all had a good laugh at ourselves and no one was off ended or embarrassed. Conventions can sometimes be a little too serious and you provided just the right balance we needed.

Again, thank you for taking part in our program. Your participation helped make our event one of the most successful ever.

Endowed Lecture

Again I am so pleased that you could  give the Ramsey lecture. It was terrific! I received numerous "thumbs up" reports from faculty and students. Maybe we can put you on a retainer.

Thank you so much for your autographed book and your kind words in the cover. I'm going to have the Companion Animal Fund order some copies for our special clients.

Ronald L. Grier

Professor, ISU College Of Veterinary Medicine

Regional AG Conference

Thank you for your participation in the Husker Feed Grains and Soybean Conference. You received high marks from our attendees - a 4.66 on a 5.0 scale. You were our most popular speaker and you even edged out Senator Kerrey!

I really appreciate your preparedness and your assistance with the Casino Night auction. You certainly contributed to the fun that evening!

I'm sorry that I was unable to spend more time visiting with you, but, as usual, I was pulled in several directions. Again, thank you for helping make our Conference a big success. Good luck to you in the future

I am enclosing a copy of the evaluations for your information. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or if I can be of assistance.


Irene Severin, Coordinator
Husker Feed and Grains Conference


Meeting Planner
Blues Band

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